Smarter Stores. Happier Employees. Better Margins

To compete with online shopping, retailers must lower costs while creating enhanced customer experiences and levels of service that online stores cannot provide. FogHorn’s Edge AI platform can enrich the user experience by delivering real-time omni channel personalization and supply chain optimization. It also enables newer technologies such as facial recognition to deliver even higher levels of personalization and security.

Use Cases


Optimize systems for maximum KPI performance, quickly adjust to changing conditions.

Asset Tracking

Optimize logistics, precision asset location information, monitor perimeter boundaries.

Energy Usage

Minimize operating costs, improve energy efficiency, reduce environmental impact.


Improve automation, enhance practitioner collaboration, reduce manual data entry and errors.


Applying advanced information and IoT technology can significantly enhance the efficiency and productivity of retail operations, especially in cases where stores and distribution facilities are widely disbursed across multiple geographic regions. It can also level the playing field for smaller retail operations that often run on razor thin margins and don’t have the extensive IT infrastructures that giant online retailers and department store chains use.

Despite the prominence of cloud-based solutions, many emerging technical innovations for retail can be physically deployed inside the stores themselves. By applying the speed and immediacy of edge intelligence and analytics, these stores will be able to respond much faster and more intelligently to things such as equipment maintenance, inventory tracking, store security, wireless communications, foot traffic and customer engagement.

With its very small footprint, FogHorn’s edge intelligence software platform enables retailers to deploy industrial-strength analytics and real-time processing in stores, warehouses, distribution centers and even small remote installations such as kiosks and fleet vehicles. Applications may include predictive maintenance of refrigeration and HVAC systems, GPS tracking of delivery trucks, automated RFID-based inventory control and management of smart store systems such as digital signage, transaction systems and security cameras.

And because the FogHorn platform works within heterogeneous environments, it simplifies the integration of data gathered from multi-vendor retail systems, processing most of it on-site eliminating the need to send massive data loads to the cloud for processing. Likewise, the platform can send smaller, highly selective data sets to the cloud for enterprise-wide machine learning, analytics and system updates.