FogHorn Augments Edge Computing With Machine Learning To Bring Intelligence To Industrial IoT

FogHorn, a Silicon Valley-based startup, is one of the early movers in the IIoT and edge computing market.

The company has raised a total of $47.5M in funding over four rounds. The latest funding came from a Series B round in October 2017 by Intel Capital and Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures.

Founded in 2014, FogHorn has been squarely focused on edge analytics and edge intelligence. According to the company, its solution enables high-performance edge processing, optimized analytics, and heterogeneous applications to be hosted as close as possible to the control systems and physical sensor infrastructure that pervade the industrial world.

FogHorn has built a cloud-agnostic edge computing platform that works with mainstream IoT platforms in the public cloud. Though it has deeper integration with Google Cloud IoT Core, the platform can be easily integrated with AWS and Azure.

Edge computing platforms are deployed closer to the devices with sensors and actuators. Data is ingested into the edge layer where it gets transformed, aggregated, processed before forwarding to the public cloud. Since an edge layer becomes the gateway for the data, it makes sense to run machine learning models that deliver predictive analytics. These ML models can find unusual patterns in inbound data streams for anomaly detection leading to predictive maintenance of industrial equipment.

FogHorn platform supports both x86 and ARM processors running Linux. It comes with a robust Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine for analyzing inbound data streams in real-time. The CEP engine comes with a domain specific, functional programming language called VEL written from the ground up specifically for IoT use cases. VEL offers complex pattern matches, data slicing/dicing/aggregation/filtering capabilities, 200+ mathematical and statistics functions and data windowing functions. The CEP engine also supports ingesting audio and video streams into the edge layer.

About FogHorn Systems
FogHorn is a leading developer of edge intelligence software for industrial and commercial IoT application solutions. FogHorn’s software platform brings the power of advanced analytics and machine learning to the on-premises edge environment enabling a new class of applications for advanced monitoring and diagnostics, machine performance optimization, proactive maintenance and operational intelligence use cases. FogHorn’s technology is ideally suited for OEMs, systems integrators and end customers in manufacturing, power and water, oil and gas, renewable energy, mining, transportation, healthcare, retail, as well as smart grid, smart city, smart building and connected vehicle applications. FogHorn and Lightning are trademarks of FogHorn Systems. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

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