FogHorn Lightning Mobile

Introducing Lightning Mobile – Edge Computing for Android

FogHorn Lightning™ Mobile empowers operational technology (OT) and field professionals with real-time analytics, machine learning (ML) and AI on mobile, battery-powered devices,  without having to rely on connectivity to the cloud, speeding decision making and industrial workflow. This approach enables a new class of edge intelligence applications not possible with devices restricted to fixed locations, while making it easy to build and market off-the-shelf common solutions using FogHorn’s software. Additionally, support for edge-based deep learning model inferencing solves critical issues such as image recognition of  bar codes and health and battery monitoring of high-volume deployments of mobile devices.

The Next Wave of Industrial Use Cases

By enabling industrial edge computing on mobile devices, FogHorn is bringing the next wave of innovation to market, fueling a new class of edge computing applications. OT professionals no longer need to rely on connectivity to the cloud and can employ edge-intelligent mobile apps.

  • Next-generation bar code scanners with on-the-fly image reconstruction
  • Device health and battery monitoring
  • Portable factory environmental monitors
  • Smart power tools
  • Advanced fleet applications

“Over 85% of mobile operating systems worldwide are Android. For FogHorn’s customers, more of their operations technology staff can leverage edge intelligence for real-time analytics in the field, without the restriction of fixed-position devices. By enabling OT-staff access to edge computing on handheld Android devices, it will expand the pool of thinking about what is possible at the edge. This will inevitably lead to new use cases for industrial and commercial organizations.”

Mike Guilfoyle, Director of Research at ARC Advisory Group