Machine Learning Engineer

Pune, India
Sunnyvale, CA

Job Location

Mountain View, California or Pune, India

Role and Responsibilities

  • Engineering core machine learning capabilities in our IoT platform by building tools and high-performance infrastructure for running ML models at the edge.
  • Creating supervised and semi-supervised ML models for the platform.

Core Qualifications

Candidates must meet ALL of the following qualifications.

  • Experience in Agile software development with strong programming experience in C++ or Python.
  • Experience in building and using high-speed data processing infrastructure and tools.
  • Have used or developed high performance C++ packages (e.g. LAPACK, BLAS, YOLO etc.)
  • Some experience with real-time stream processing data systems.
  • Training in data mining or statistics, enough to understand the context of developing software to be used by data scientists.
  • Algorithm experience in the families of predictive algorithms (regression, neural nets, decision trees) and clustering algorithms (k-means or other).

Bonus Qualifications

Any of the following extra qualifications will make a candidate more competitive.

  • Strong experience with C++ development and high-performance computing.
  • Cython programming or written python wrapper for C++.
  • Experience developing Machine Learning software infrastructure, algorithms and libraries.
  • Training or experience in Deep Learning, such as Keras, TensorFlow, convolutional neural networks (CNN) or Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) neural network.
  • Experience with PMML or PFA or TFR is of interest (see

How To Apply

  • To apply, submit resume and cover letter to HR at
  • Indicate how you meet core and bonus qualifications including two to four detailed paragraphs of three data mining projects you have deployed.